Krasimir Genchev Balakov was born on 29 March 1966 in Veliko Tarnovo. He is 176 centimeters tall and he weighs 75 kg. His football career went through Etar, Veliko Tarnovo 1983-1990, Sporting, Lisbon 1991-1995 and Stuttgart 1995-2003.  

Etar /Veliko Tarnovo/

In “A” group with FC Etar he played 143 matches and scored 35 goals. He became champion of Republic of Bulgaria with the team of Veliko Tarnovo for season 1990/1991; he won a bronze medal for season 1989/1990 and third place for the Cup of Bulgaria in 1986.

Sporting /Lisbon/

He played 138 matches and scored 43 goals with FC Sporting, Lisbon. In 1995 he won the Cup and the Super Cup of Portugal, he was a finalist for the Cup in 1994, vice champion in 1995 and a bronze medalist in 1991, 1993 and 1994. He was declared for the best footballer of the Portuguese Super league in 1992 by the “A Bola” newspaper.   


With FC Stuttgart he played 236 matches and scored 54 goals. The “Magic Triangle” Balakov-Bobich-Elber did sensation in the very first season of the Bulgarian player in the team. He was Cup-bearer of Germany in 1997, vice champion in 2003, finalist for the Cup of nations, Inertoto Cup-bearer in 2000 and 2002. He was stated by the supporters of the team as the best player of Stuttgart’s history. 

National team

His debut for Bulgarian national team was on 2 November 1998 in the World Qualification vs. Denmark (1:1 in Copenhagen). His last match was vs. Albania (2:0 in Sofia). He played 92 matches and scored 16 goals. He took part in the World Championship in 1994 in the USA where he became a bronze medalist. He played in all the 7 matches and he found his place in the perfect squad in the Championship. He also participated in the World Championship in 1998 in France where he played 3 matches and in the European Championship in 1996 in England where he played 3 matches again. He was chosen as Footballer № 1 of Bulgaria in 1995 and 1997.


On 29 May 2003 in Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion was Balakov’s beneficiary game when “Dream team”, which consisted of world’s stars such as Bebeto, Jurgen Klinsmann, Thomas Hessler, Guido Buchwald, Robert Prosinecki, Borislav Mikhalov, Yordan Letchkov, Emil Kostadinov, Luoboslav Penev met a team with his former team-mates as Dunga, Giovane Elber, Fredi Bobic, etc.

Coaching career

As soon as Balakov stopped his competitive career he became assistant coach of Stuttgart in July 2003 and worked under the guidance of Felix Magath and Matthias Sammer. The tandem and the two senior coaches proved to be successful, managing to qualify the team for two consecutive years in the group stage of the Champion League and eventually in the group stage of the tournament for the UEFA Cup.

Since January 2006 Balakov had begun his sole career as a coach – he managed the Swiss team Grasshopper and he signed a contract for a year and a half. With Grasshopper he won the Inertoto Cup, and then he took part in the group stage of the tournament for the UEFA Cup and kept his leading positions in the qualifications in the local Super League for a long time. 

Since October 2007 he took over the last team in the qualifications FC St. Gallen which at that time fell behind with 12 points from barrages gives. With a lot of hard work and improvements of the sport form and results the team managed to catch up the retardation and eventually qualified in the zone of barrages gives.  

From January 2008 to December 2010 Krasimir Balakov was a senior coach of PFC Chernomorets Burgas. He and his team-mate from Stuttgatt Fredi Bobic prepared a serious project for long-term development of the club from Burgas. The idea was to build a base for the team using the standards of football-developed countries where the first team and some of the junior formations of Chernomorets were intended train. However, the project wasn’t put through due to administration problems in the management of the company - owner of the team.  

Under the guidance of Balakov PFC Chermomorets Burgas played 60 matches – 29 won, 16 equal and 15 lost games. 

From May 2011 to March 2012 krasimir Balakov was manager of the team Hajduk Split.  The team is second in the standings and certain participant in the Euro tournaments.

In Hajduk Split Balakov recorded 28 games as senior coach: 16 won, 5 equal and 7 lost.

In March 2012 with suggestion of Sport-technical management of FC Kaiserslautern Balakov was transferred in the team from the Bundesliga. By that time the team was in the unenviable last position and for more than six months hadn’t won a game for the Championship. Balakov tried everything to help the team and to prevent failure but it was unsuccessful and FC Kaiserslautern was relegated to second Bundesliga.   


Statistics by seasons

  • Etar - 1983/spring - „А" group, 2 games/0 goals
  • Etar - 1983/1984 - „А" group, 17/2
  • Etar  - 1984/1985 - „А" group, 30/6
  • Etar - 1985/1986 - „А" group, 5/3
  • Etar - 1986/autumn - „А" group, 1/0
  • Etar - 1987/1988 - „А" group, 18/2
  • Etar - 1988/1989 - „А" group, 29/9
  • Etar - 1989/1990 - „А" group, 30/10
  • Etar - 1990/autumn - „А" group, 11/3
  • Sporting - 1991/spring – Portuguese Super League, 18/4
  • Sporting  - 1991/1992 - Portuguese Super League, 32/7
  • Sporting  - 1992/1993 - Portuguese Super League, 32/12
  • Sporting  - 1993/1994 - Portuguese Super League, 29/15
  • Sporting  - 1994/1995 - Portuguese Super League, 27/6
  • Stuttgart - 1995/1996 - Bunderliga, 34/7
  • Stuttgart  - 1996/1997 -  Bunderliga, 31/13
  • Stuttgart  - 1997/1998 - Bunderliga, 31/11
  • Stuttgart  - 1998/1999 - Bunderliga, 24/5
  • Stuttgart  - 1999/2000 - Bunderliga, 30/6
  • Stuttgart  - 2000/2001 - Bunderliga, 28/6
  • Stuttgart  - 2001/2002 -Bunderliga, 30/4
  • Stuttgart  - 2002/2003 - Bunderliga, 28/2

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